About Us

The Foundation exists today thanks to the dedication of Malcolm Cameron. Malcolm began working with young unemployed people in 1985. His Vision was for them to recognise and enjoy the talents he saw in them all.

The Foundation is a community based organisation. We value people and ideas and look to maintain a highly creative, innovative and entrepreneurial capital balance. We know it’s all about vision, harmony and involvement. These values are constant because of the Foundation’s independence we are able to change quickly to remain innovative. We are committed to being frugal by maintaining low overheads and high involvement with those who need us. We have a policy which allows us to be on the road, that’s where you will find us.

The 4ME program is all about connecting the community. We do this by using currently technology (128GB) IPADS, being responsive to all the need within our communities. Employers and Education providers tell us that too many young people leave school not knowing where they are headed. It is estimated that a significant percentage of school leavers do not have a plan for their future beyond finding a job. Many of these end up as social statistics. For over 20 years we have been working with youth to help them understand the process of career planning. We understand how today’s kids learn and we provide them with the tools that even the most vulnerable can use to maximize their chances and reach their full potential.

Our Vision - 4ME exploring the "World of Work"

Our Mission - 4ME "World of Work" tool kits FREE to all New Zealanders.

Our Rational – We are a non-profit trust determined to turn lives around with our 4ME "World of Work" tool kits. Our kits contain Chromebook's, Tablets, USB's and Resource Folder accessible to all New Zealanders from ages 5 to 75 FREE of charge at their place 24/7.

Our Proposal – To connect with all New Zealanders providing a minimum of 60 4ME "World of Work" tool kits showcasing over 1000 videos encouraging our participants to follow their passion and interests to develop a sense of purpose as they search for employment, education, training, work experience and volunteering opportunities and financial freedom and independence.
We set up in 1 minute and the results last a lifetime.